Browsing the a variety of net email lists for clicker training, you power get the content thatability the clicker is the record over-usedability implement in clicker training! Let's check thatability more carefully...

"Over-used" suggests thatability thing is nearly new more frequently thatability it should be. What may possibly be the hurdle with this?

I theorize your clicker strength perceptibly wear-outability and restrict practical. This for certain isn't a big operate though, you can always get a new clicker for a small indefinite quantity of dollars.

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Maybe the worth of the chink itself is impaired by over-use? Proof would declare that, so long-lived as the sound is e'er followed by a foremost reinforcer, the more habitually a clicker is used, the more appeal it has. I would presage thatability careless temporal order can stump more than a few dogs and de-valueability the clicker as a activity tool, but providing thatability your temporal order is accurate (practise short a dog until it is) and thatability you trail up in good time beside a range of earliest reinforcers, your clicker should merely increase worth with repetitive use.

Accordingly, pursuing up near an dislike (intentionally or other), or unsuccessful to follow up next to a opening stimulus will sort your clicker less effectual.

So possibly the danger is thatability the clicker is utilised once it isn't mandatory to use a clicker? The clicker gives you a particularly punctilious manner of symbol diminutive inconsequential pieces of action. Not all behavioursability we option to reenforce are minuscule. Girdle are a suitable sample. Our criteria power be thatability our dog girdle seated for 20 seconds. If we click, we genuinely aren't accumulation any profitable hearsay. We may perhaps as ably a short time ago toss a goody or a orb.

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On the else hand, let's interpret our dog is sitting nicely for 20 seconds so we chink and nutrition. Unfortunately, at the hairsplitting flash thatability we clicked, our dog lifted his paw...

Of course, finding thisability fault would be beautiful unequivocal. Simply holdfast clickingability the ensuing paw raises and sound with the sole purpose once the paw is on the crushed.

So are clickersability over-used? Yes, clickersability are sometimes used where theyability don't contribute a unmistakable benefit, but I wouldn't get too adorned up going on for it. Brand name your own choices, but net positive you always use a clicker once you status close temporal arrangement. Naught else comes at hand for effectiveness, ease of access and general handiness.



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