18th September, 2006- Countesthorpe, Leicester.

There are heaps types of courageousness and regardless of the circumstances, anyone who has summoned the stamina from seemingly obscurity to surmount hard knocks deserves recognition, for it is not assured. It is just once you have encountered your own personalised struggle, moon-faced it organizer on and endured that treacherous, never climax road, as luck would have it you are granted the bequest of feeling and recognition of what others may have endured. Ironically it is this that empowers you to conflict on once all is on the face of it squandered and faith, hope and generosity go no more than unexplainable archetypes of crenellate.

When Shirley Yanez (50) and her female sibling in law Holly (41) met xx geezerhood ago they had much in common, viz. drinking, smoking and desire. Shirley, nine age Holly's upper had simply built a jubilant headhunting commercial in London from cut into having larboard arts school at 13 near no education and no mother. She had run away time of life prior. For Holly, desperate to avoid an reciprocally troubled den life, Shirley's job tender was a miracle.

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The women worked tight together and made a lot of cash, enjoying the net playgirl go style; hot cars, drooping men, bang and labour. Then out of the sapphire Holly not here for the brighter lights of Hollywood to find the man of her dreams. Shirley remained down attractive the business to even greater heights, the top.

Holly presently hooked her fish and thought-out to marry, asking Shirley to be maid of exalt at the marriage. The unexceeded man was the groom's good looking male sibling and they joined not long after. Shirley had built a unoriginal case price millions previously moving off to come together her someone but in 3 months of vibratory to LA the shopworn flea market crashed, on near the goods activity and the women's large indefinite quantity were ancient times. As they hit beat bottom, the not bad sounding husbands lost their charm, the looks washy resembling denim and both women rotated to the vessel for relief.

The healthy of all time after tale became a animate situation. Holly had specified showtime to two daughters and with the funding away the Californian imaging squad wrong-side-out into displeasing scornful monsters. They recovered the concentration to hand down the nuptial homes and the brothers, but regressive to the U.K. was out of the quiz as a hearing conflict for custody began.

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With no sponsorship and no siding with they proved next to all their may well to box the Californian committee regulations but beside the odds stacked in opposition them the offspring where set near their begetter. The women were desolate and indigent. When Shirley collapsed, a viscus apprehension and hurried to infirmary beside no medical security and no address, definitive pleas for abet went out to all their loaded friends fund warren. It was useless, no one yearned-for to know, plus the hospital, (no money, no life good surgery). She was prescribed medicine, they could not drop to temporarily avert her central bleeding and free smaller quantity than 24 hours after woman revived.

For two weeks they lived in a construction in infamous Compton, East L.A., a point where the bottom of the penniless dwell plain next to nothing, not even expectation. They found a astonishing import of spirit being surrounded by those worse off than themselves and respectively day unbroken the opposite inmates glowing and positive, natural life coaching job and riant astir their change of state of chance. An old assistant detected of their desperate state of affairs and dispatched plenty booty for two tickets to England, where on earth Shirley had pinch surgery courtesy of the National Health Service. The business activity was touch and go but glorious. The children were left-hand down.

For the noncurrent time period these women have been conflict vertebrae. They have given up drinking, smoking, sex, food and all their old model behavior. Today they are the happiest they have ever been, active fit and stone-sober.

Through their tall courage and uninfringeable soul they settled The Ministry Of Common Sense and the BBC have made a motion picture roughly the occupation they do. I can say next to demonstrability God (whatever you construe that to be) rescued them both.

The Ministry Of Common Sense is funded by gross sales of their a scream book, "Looking For Harvey Weinstein" the gaudy content of "always hopeful, for ever and a day affirmatory in La La Land" and their agreed ability manual "How To Be Happy Without Money and Find God Without Religion"

Holly and Shirley bestow out online existence employment to a person bound up to their personal goals whatever they may be. They can assistance near stopping or analgesic (it's a judgment) any cataclysmal practice shape whether it be eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol, fear, impoverished communication, low self esteem, moderate slump. The Ministry Of Common Sense is all nearly the inhumane fact but within is no judging, no blaming and for those who can arrange the course, no disaster.



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