Structuring techniques aid inundated limitations of human dilemma determination. Effective structuring analysis techniques rationally match the weather of a hitch to abet us study all part separately, meticulously and acceptably. In this nonfiction you will acquire one of the furthermost compelling hitch resolution apparatus to understand real-world problems. It is titled as Problem Restatement.

Problem publication that defines a eccentricity must cart causes of a conundrum into explanation. It essential classify involving nuisance and symptoms of the idiosyncrasy. The choice of the mixture depends on the characteristic of the eccentricity explanation. This is due to the fact that investigation of a challenge leads us in a unmistaken itinerary towards a exceptional answer. Therefore process a danger in expressions of its symptoms will pb to a impoverished treatment to the actual question.

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So it is key that we fathom out the division involving causes of a puzzle and symptoms of a problem. A breakdown announcement that takes into article the causes of a dilemma makes it easier to consider and judge all the alternatives to a precise danger and grades in a outstanding medicine.


How can I slow my headache? Vs What is the beginning of my headache?

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First cross-question fails to tell between betwixt causes and symptoms. It leads to solutions such as as fetching medicine, mistreatment negative stimulus balm etc. Whereas the 2nd query leads to solutions that could code the realistic fault such as as allergy, demand of have forty winks etc.

What is Problem Restatement?

Problem Restatement is a method that is utilized to extend our orientation of a conundrum. Redefine the difficulty in as plentiful unlike distance as viable. The key to doing this is to get into different property and bring forth as frequent restatements as assertable. You must hang up your shrewdness during this modus operandi.

Problem restatement helps us to identify the substance issues and alternative solutions. However it will not solve the conundrum. It lone points us in the apposite path and the resultant of the analysis will resolve the riddle.

The poorer a question is circumscribed harder it becomes to delimitate the tribulation. In specified cases, we must plainly explain the job.

Most of the clip statement of a riddle will come across several worries. Sometimes it will prickle to a antidote.

Example of Problem Restatement

Mr. Commuter got a new job in a railway system swathe that pays $60 / hr. He commutes to pursue mundane and spends 40-60 transactions in impulsive. Mr. Commuter thinks that he has a problem because he spends 80 - 120 minutes everyday commutation to labour. He has to drive 44 miles plain to transpose. He also feels that his traveling is fashioning him surface dead beat. He pays $59 / period of time for lodgings. Reducing the miles increases the legroom charge per unit.

The opening fault declaration identifies frailty circumstance and acquiring dizzy as the crucial issues.

Problem Restatement: How can I employ my event during commute? , How can I get much energy?

The question: How can I lessen the commute time? Can organize to the stalking options:

· Carpool

· Take control of the fact that Hybrid one manipulator cars are allowed to driving force on the carpool way.

· Drive during non-peak nowadays.

The alternatives that are programmed above are generated by investigating of the situation. What is the true woe here? Who is the culprit width or time? The symptoms are long traveling instance and faintness. The causes are collection overcapacity and diet/exercise.

When you are exploitation this technique on stead of someone else, it is finer to hard work in the beingness of that causal agent. This enables you to focusing on the concerns and key issues of the neutral(s). It as well facilitates agreement in the region of the actual dilemma and helps us to radar device our analysis towards the medication.

Causes of Poor Problem Definition

Vague or substantial account that lacks focusing.
Too constrictive definition next to misdirected focussing.
Assumptions in hitch definition.
Solutions in complex definition.
Example for grounds digit one: What should we do astir cars on the highway?

This fails to identify the conundrum.

Example for cause numeral two: Mr. Commuter's case is emaciated. How can we get him to actuation faster?

Driving flagging may not be the eccentricity. If it isn't, forcing Mr. Commuter to actuation faster may front to opposite hitches.

Example for origin amount three: How can we trademark politicians conscious of our accumulation overcapacity problems?

By assuming that politicians are unaware of the traffic overcrowding problems, the assertion defines the dilemma narrowly. When the premise is not valid, the woe verdict fails to point-blank the focussing of the analysis in the within your rights way.

Example for incentive cipher four: How can we carry the politicians to body-build more than highways to cut back on collection congestion?

This tribulation message is thin and assumes a treatment. In the proceedings of malapropos assumption, it misdirects the analytic focus.

6. Ways to Restate Problem


Initial statement: How can we decrease commuting time?

Paraphrased statement: How can we keep the traveling event from increasing?

This puts a revolution on the connotation and leads to new perspectives and insights.

Opposite View

How can we lessen the traffic congestion? Becomes

How can we amplification traffic congestion?

By any acceleratory the numeral of cars or fashioning more cars transpose during the high-season accumulation overloading interval. One medication would be to have complex fee charges during hilltop accumulation. Better solution: Dynamic rating of fee accusation based on how blistering the collection is itinerant.

Broaden the engrossment by exploitation a larger linguistic context.

Should I open my own business?

How can I deliver the goods pecuniary security?

Initial acknowledgment boils descending to a yes or now whereas the second message generates alternate options.

Change Focus

How can I stop my job and inauguration my own business? Becomes

How can I generate triplex streams of income?

Ask why repetitively dirt you get to the core of the legitimate hitch.

How can I get to manual labour quickly?

Why? Because, alternatively of feebleness time on commuting, I deprivation to pass it on construction my business organization.

Restatement: How can I pass the travel juncture on business? (Answer: Listen to CDs during transpose)

Why? Because I privation to equipment lucre devising company summarily.

Restatement: How can I equipment net making company quickly? Delegate, inscribe in mentorship programme etc.


This divergent technique reveals consequential perspectives and issues that we must think about during resolution a given snag. Use simple, positive, and moving voice sentences to retell complications. This makes it easier to clutch and canvass the hold-up.

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