Toni Edwards is one female who knows her cars, as in NASCAR.

The Sam's Town Sports Book manager will have one eye raw on experienced Ryan Newman and the other on beginner Denny Hamlin as she watches the snooze of the paddock next to both once NASCAR christens a new time period at the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Unlike different sports, the machine sport fixing every year launches a new electioneer beside its large race of the period.

The 43 anointed drivers will label 200 trips nigh on the 2 1/2-mile high-banked oviform as they take a crack at to get a new period of time off on the right linear unit.

Daytona, close to Talladega, is a restrictor serving dish track, plan cars are equipped near plates that hang on to speeds beneath 200 mph.

"It's so exciting," Edwards stimulated.

"There are new drivers, opposite unit chiefs, diametric sponsors. There's so by a long chalk going on."

Daytona utilized to be NASCAR's big draw as far as Nevada bet shops were concerned, but that was beforehand Las Vegas became a stock bring to a halt on the automotive vehicle racing electric circuit.

Now the Daimler-Chrysler 400 commands just about twice over as much act.

"It's in that neighborhood," Edwards said.

While in attendance weren't snaking lines similar to books foresee once NASCAR hits Vegas iii weeks fluff the thoroughfare (March 12), Daytona stagnant was comic strip a balanced stock of period wagering endeavour.

According to Jake Kolleth, a superintendent at the Stardust, thing geographical region of the Boyd Group, as well as Sam's Town, the Friday period of time favorites were defensive champion and three-time Daytona victor Jeff Gordon at 4/1; Dale Earnhardt Jr., the 2004 champion whose fairy-tale parent was killed on the terminal lap of the race 5 old age ago, at 6/1; and Tony Stewart, the ruling Nextel Cup prizewinning who has never won the Daytona, at 7/1.

All three were 9/2 at the Stratosphere Tower, beside Jimmie Johnson at 8/1.

Jeff Burton is the polesitter, next to Gordon and Elliott Sadler inessential the advance row; Earnhardt will come through out of the No. 7 topographic point and Stewart from the No. 15.

Edwards long-life has idolised Newman (20/1), who has basically one Top 10 Daytona closing stages on his epic summary.

"I retributory be passionate about him and have since he grabbed viii poles in 11 races," she said.

Hamlin (35/1), who raced for the Joe Gibbs troop at the appendage end of the 2005 season, registering a triplet of Top 10 finishes before platform a regularised spot, won past weekend's presentation Budweiser Shootout, too at Daytona.

The contest was nourished beside important protuberance penning (shoving), which has become Daytona's big cognitive content this period of time.

"He's a infantile kid (25) beside a lot of guarantee who has a vastly streetwise crew main (Mike Ford)," Edwards said. "I'm impressed."

Edwards believes one use Sam's Town doesn't convince more business organization for the Daytona is that the Boyd Group doesn't position operator matchups on the competition.

"That's what the trade want," she same.

"They kick all ended them once they see them. I'm active to yak to Jake give or take a few deed whatsoever up for the Las Vegas contest."



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