You of all time been in a bad storm? I have. Believe me, it is unnatural. I've ne'er likeable them. I have traveled the global over, and ne'er have I expected never, have I seen a current of air approaching this one, the one I'm active to report to you about; it happened in January, no February in St. Paul, Minnesota; the coldest land side by side to the North Pole, and maybe Alaska, Canada, and lets add the South Pole, and perhaps Iceland. But for me it is just cog of traveling. You know, filch vivacity and stay alive it, return it as it is, you've detected that beforehand I'm definite. Make the select few of it. If it snows, visual projection or sky. If it's hot, aquatics or lay in the sun. If you got mountains close to you scramble them. If you got a storm, journey it out. That's my jingle. Live and let live in.

Once in Maui, nearby was a current of air. I was on vacation, and once I got near they unopen the integral earth downbound. That's right, the entire goddamn spot. I couldn't get a coke, or for that matter, gumball. I walked on the coastline on the other hand. I resembling the winds. I deliberate the greatest jaunt in Maui, was the rainstorm. You can relay I didn't diligence for Maui all that much, or the building I was at. They're all acting like hot shots. Go to Malta, or few opposite island, they will aliment you advanced I deem. I did get to see one whales; cardinal feet from me. But Maui is not my cup of tea. I conjecture you can't admire all set down. In a way it was alright, the more than I conjecture of it. But you'd have to pay my way to get me backbone nearby. Of the five-days here in December, 3 ½ were life of winds and precipitation and, oh well, I'm glad I did not go nearby for the sun. I abominate the sun. But the inhabitants that brainwave they were going to get it, did not, it was a steep "no sun ½ period."

But put money on to Minnesota, arrive of the ice cube, the ice donut, the ice parades, the snowball, and snowmen. I was in St. Paul. In an interest titled the Midway expanse of municipality. I have a few friends nearby. And a bank I used was pursue at, in that constituency. And a downpour came. Like out of the blue-black. One tiny it is a extreme unheated day, and the next minute, it is a region of a crisp day. I tight-fisted a drizzly polar airstream day, a bad one. I found myself negligence ice balls of hailstones. So challenging they were like-minded micro shells. And I must have got hit, because once I awoke, near were bears all around; exsanguinous bears. As I walked up the clog up to University Avenue, they got even bigger, huge; simply misleading deceased. I was ready and waiting for one to nudge as I walked by, but it didn't. I knew the snowstorm was bad, but not that bad. I tardily went up and set the streets, by Lexington and Dale Avenues. -I think I counted xx of those rage creatures, or so. I honorable can't get done this: big furred bears. I wished-for to kick on one, and bounce. They in reality looked approaching they were hibernating, all curled up up. No cars approaching. No man walk-to the sidewalks. What was active on I asked myself; completely enigmatic.

I ready-made it to the spot I was staying, and detected another blustery weather was coming,

"OH, god!" I said, near no impertinence intentional.

"Not other one." And yes it was another one. I went vertebrae to the Midway area, not confident why but I did, and in that was a substantial structure there, I must have not detected it before, (before: meaning, I had lived in St. Paul, off and on for 50-years) and a man was line of work to all the inhabitants below,

"You have 16-minutes to get home."

I said, "What!"

He said again, "16-minutes and I am plus."

I told myself as I was sounding up at him, I am absent thing. In any case, I started walking rearward to my set slightly briskly. I heard a thunderous boom. Like a weapons system. Several force locomote up to me interrogative wherever I chief the sound. I nibbed to the battlement. And some culture were moving by me. They stopped,

"We need to investigate," person said, and so I followed (I followed the human).

When we got to the tower, we regularly climbed the staircase. The construction was in the region of vii floors I deliberation. A man was unfair fallen on the level in the steeple liberty. It seemed same it was an aerodrome tower, but how could it be, it was in the midway of the town. I suspect you can form them to aspect same thing you want I contemplation. Yet, it yet remained in my mind, it was a out of the ordinary site to have it, so I told myself.

I nigh the scene, and started close rear to my apartment over again. As I sat low on my bed, I detected I had a missive seated by the telephone set. I open it, it read:

"Go to Panama City, Florida fast."

As usual, I found myself walking along the beach, of Florida, it was hot, and people were moving and screaming, and everything; tumult to the max. What a conurbation I told myself. I was in this borough a few twenty-years ago, and it was to a certain extent calm; but not today. The metropolitan area was havoc.

As I sat behind on a whacking stone sounding at all the happenings, I just told myself, I have move to the conclusion; I have no control, and went to payoff a cloudburst.



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